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Gold Bali Kratom Explained

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Isn’t that lovely? You can learn about other Kratom vendors and brands and make up your mind, whether you can buy their products or not. And you can also learn about new products on the market to decide whether you should buy them. If you’re into new products, this post about Gold Bali Kratom will be a treat.

Brace yourself!

Gold Bali Kratom – A New Member of Bali Kratom Family

If you often buy Bali Kratom, you’d surely know that mitragyna speciosa is extracted from three types of Kratom leaves: Green-veined Kratom leaves, white-veined Kratom leaves, and red-veined Kratom leaves

However, not too many Kratom customers know that there is another member in the family that’s been discovered only recently – Gold Bali Kratom. And if you’re interested, there must have been many questions popping up in your mind, such as:

  • What is Gold Bali Kratom?
  • Is it a legitimate Kratom strain or just a myth?
  • Should you buy Gold Bali Kratom?

In this post, we’ll answer these questions. Read on.

What is Gold Bali Kratom? A New Strain

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First of all, keep in mind the lifecycle of a Kratom leaf. Kratom is just like any other plant, and so are its leaves – they grow, change their vein color, mature, and, after completing their lifespan, turn dead.

You can easily spot the non-productive or dead leaves even when they’re unplucked. They turn yellow or golden. This is the sign that their vein doesn’t have the power to produce more nutrients as the plant has no space for more. All of this may be true in the context of Gold Bali Kratom, which is why this strain is gaining popularity.

Consider this: When Bali Kratom leaves start to grow, their vein color is green, showing the presence of mitragynine alkaloids only. As the leaves grow older, their vein color changes from green to white, which is a sign of more alkaloids coupled with other nutrients. Upon reaching the age of maturity, the vein of the Kratom leaves turn red, showing the best possible alkaloid count.

What about the stages after that? Won’t there be more colors? Or there’s no possibility? You must have given it a thought.

However, most Kratom studies stop at the point where the Kratom color becomes red. They may have in-depth information about alkaloid count and everything else, but there is no sufficient information about the stage after the vein turns red.

Is Gold Bali Kratom Authentic?

There may be a possibility that Gold Bali Kratom exists for real; however, still, a lot of research has to be conducted in this respect. On the other hand, many manufacturers claim they sell authentic Gold Bali Kratom strain. These contradictions make it confusing for buyers whether they should purchase Gold Bali Kratom or not.

Let’s look at the three possibilities:

  1. According to some vendors, ‘Gold’ is the name given to the yellow-veined Bali strain, which has more nutrients and alkaloids compared to other colors. They also say that Gold Bali Kratom comes in limited batches and is not as common as red, green and white variants.
  2. One myth is related to the quality of Bali Kratom. This breed of Bali Kratom grows in private farms with special growing techniques, hence give the best alkaloid count. This is the reason why it is called Gold Bali Kratom, and it is rare.
  3. Another myth circulating in the market is that when the vendors get fresh Bali Kratom in high quantities, they tend to sell it with the name, Gold Bali Kratom.

Should You Buy Gold Bali Kratom? gold bali kratom for sale

Considering all the above possibilities, you have to be very careful while buying Gold Bali Kratom – or any other Kratom strain. If the vendor has a good reputation, and people rate them highly, there’s no harm in buying from them.

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