Mitragyna Speciosa comes in various forms. Among these, kratom capsules and kratom powders are quite notable. And both of these types are related to each other in the sense that capsules are derived from kratom powders.

So, are you planning to order kratom from ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ but you are not sure whether you should buy kratom powder or capsules? Well, kratom powders are highly diverse and offer you great flexibility.

Our Kratom powders come from the top-notch kratom facilities in Southeast Asian countries. Hence, they are 100% authentic and pure.

Curious about how our kratom powders are made? Well, let us give you a brief of that.

The Making of Kratom Powder

The making of Kratom powders is not as complex as it sounds. Their entire manufacturing cycle begins at a distant farm in Southeast Asia, depending on the strain. For instance, Thai Kratom powder would come from a remote farm in Thailand.

Similarly, the famous Red Horn Kratom comes from far-flung corners of Borneo Island.

Nevertheless, the making of kratom powders is the same for all kratom strains. So, there should not be any confusion there.

First, farmers spent days in dense forests, hand-picking the best quality leaves depending on the requirement of kratom colors. Note that each kratom leaf can have Red, Green, or White vein colors. And this would depend on the maturity level of the leaf.

Nevertheless, the harvesting of these leaves is not an easy process. Sometimes, the higher quality leaves are found higher up in the branches. And for that, the farmers often have to use technical equipment to climb all the way up.

Note that the Kratom tree has a very smooth bark. So, climbing up these trees is itself a very hefty task. Yet, these native farmers are quite well-trained at it.

After the harvesting process, next comes washing. In this process, farmers wash each and every kratom leaf at the facility. They make sure that every last grain of sand/dust has been removed from the leaf. This prevents contamination in the products.

From there, highly qualified kratom experts take control. They inspect each and every leaf for quality yet once again, and after ensuring proper hygiene and safety, the leaves are set for drying.

Note that leaves with different vein colors undergo different processes. And these leaves then result in kratom powders of different colors. These kratom colors are not just a physical differentiation. Rather, they signify a unique set of properties.

The drying process takes almost a week to 10 days. After this span, the leaf becomes crusty and brittle due to a loss of most of its moisture. This means that it can now be crushed and ground.

For crushing and grinding, these facilities employ modern machinery and tools. The industrial crushers and grinders quickly turn large batches of dried Mitragyna Speciosa leaf into fine kratom powders.

At this point, the kratom experts inspect the product yet once again. They take multiple samples at random and inspect them. Once they are certain that the kratom powder is up to the mark, they send it ahead for packaging.

In this section, the kratom powders are filled inside ultra-secure packaging. The biggest benefit of this packaging is that it keeps the kratom safe from light, temperature, and excess moisture. As a result of this, the kratom powders remain fresh for a long time.

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