White Kratom is one of the three major kratom colors. The other two are Green Kratom and Red Kratom. Together, all three of these colors represent the various stages that a kratom leaf goes through during its lifecycle.

Based on convention, the products obtained from these leaves (depending on its stage) fall under one of these color categories. An example would be our famous White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules.

Note that White Kratom lies in between the Green and Red Kratom in terms of its maturity. Hence, White Kratom features a partially developed alkaloid content.

If you are a new buyer who wants to order kratom, we highly suggest you do some research about White Kratom first. Use resources like our Kratom blog or other high-authority blogs on the internet to learn more.

Finally, buy kratom only when you are fully familiar with the product’s properties and traits.

The White Kratom Leaf

For many people, the White Kratom Leaf is the perfect spot. They believe that this color offers properties that are a perfect mix of the Green and Red colors. After all, the White state lies right in the middle of the two.

Ultimately, the maturity level of a leaf could have a direct effect on the properties of the leaf. And consequently, the product’s properties also get determined by it.

So, you can expect all White Kratom products to have subtle properties as compared to the Red Kratom. But at the same time, these products will have richer properties in comparison to Green Kratom.

In comparison to Red and Green varieties, the harvesting of White Kratom leaf is slightly difficult. This is because of the top quality. White Kratom leaves must be harvested at a precise time. Otherwise, its properties change rather quickly.

Typically, experienced farmers know exactly when to harvest all kratom colors to make high-end kratom capsules and powder. And the farms from where we import our products, they specifically take care of the time factor.

Why Choose Green Leaf Kratom?

So, what is so special about our store, ‘Green Leaf Kratom’?

Simply put, Green Leaf Kratom is the only kratom store in the US that offers such a wide range of options. Furthermore, we are not just a business that is running after profits. Rather, we are highly dedicated to the kratom industry. And hence, we regularly post authentic information and engaging guides on our kratom blogs to educate the masses.

We deal with the top-notch Kratom facilities in Southeast Asia only. Since this region is the hub of Kratom, all authentic and high-end kratom strains come from there.

With that, some stores also try to replicate the White Kratom plants by taking seedlings of the plant to other parts of the world. However, such experiments do not usually give any results.

In comparison, our store ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ sells authentic and genuine kratom products only. So, what are you waiting for? Come and take a look at our big range of high-end kratom for sale, and choose your preferred product.

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