The Right Kratom Pronunciation

The Right Kratom Pronunciation


There has been an ongoing debate on the correct way to pronounce kratom. Millions of people are engaged in a heated discussion on how to pronounce kratom correctly.

Millions of people are engaged in battle on the right kratom pronunciation, but all of them combined have not been able to come up with a comprehensive answer.

Luckily for you, we have done our research and have come up with answers on how to pronounce kratom correctly.

How To Pronounce kratom

The correct pronunciation of the word is naturally always going to be the way most people end up saying kratom.

The two most common ways to pronounce kratom is either KRAY-tum or KRAH-tum. KRAY-tum rhymes with the word Tatum and KRAH-tum rhymes with ”atom.”

Some people also Americanise the word and pronounce it like Kray-TOME. Though this variation is very uncommon, kratom, however, is not an English word, so it shouldn’t be Americanised, and it should be said in the proper way to avoid confusion when people go to buy kratom from nonlocal dealers.

Naturally, there will still be different variations and different ways through which people will pronounce kratom. Most people speak different languages and, as a result, have different dialects, which can make it hard for them to be able to pronounce the word correctly.

Even if you end up mispronouncing the word, it is entirely okay! As long as you can make the seller or anyone else understand what you mean, then the purpose is achieved.

It is also considered polite to correct anyone mispronouncing the word completely politely so that they don’t feel ashamed of something as simple as not knowing the pronunciation of a word. If the pronunciation is not that bad and you can understand what the person is saying, then it is best not to point it out.