Kratom one of the most versatile botanical herbs that have ever been introduced to mankind. It is sold in the fold of powder, kratom pills, soaps, candles, liquid kratom, and a lot more!

Perhaps, every kratom enthusiast in the US today would be thankful to the Southeast Asian natives who discovered Mitragyna Speciosa hundreds of years ago. From what we see, the popularity of Mitragyna Speciosa is significantly increasing.

Every month, an increasing number of people order kratom online through the leading stores such as ‘Green Leaf Kratom’.

But what is so special about Kratom pills? And why do people buy kratom pills so avidly?

Simply put, kratom pills are just another term for kratom capsules. These pills feature an all-natural capsule shell inside which, you will find very fine and top-notch kratom powder.

And the strain of the powder varies, depending on the type of kratom pills you have chosen. For instance, the Red Horn Kratom capsules would contain fresh and high-quality Red Horn Kratom powder. The same rule applies to other strains too!

Typically, each kratom pill contains 1-gram kratom powder. Though some stores may vary this quantity 1-gram powder per pill is a convention that most kratom stores follow.

What is Better? Kratom Pills or Kratom Powder?

Well, both kratom pills and kratom powder essentially serve the same purpose. So, one cannot certainly determine which product is better.

Though, one of these may be convenient for you depending on your preferences. For instance, is it easy for you to weigh kratom powder using a digital scale? Or would you prefer kratom pills that contain a pre-measured amount of kratom powder?

This would also depend on the task at hand. For instance, if you are making kratom soap and you want to weigh out 50 grams of powder, it may not be convenient to count 50 kratom pills with 1-gram powder each. Not to mention, you will also have to open up each capsule to get the powder out.

In such cases, it will be easier for one to scoop out an approximate amount of powder and to weigh it down to 50 grams via a digital scale.

But if you require 5-grams only, then perhaps picking up 5 capsules is easier than accurately weighing 5 grams on a weighing scale.

So, some buyers may prefer kratom pills while others may prefer powder, depending on the requirements and the task.

Kratom Pills and Strains

Generally, whether you get kratom locally or online, you can easily find kratom pills at most stores. However, some stores may offer you a smaller selection to choose from.

In specific, at the Green Leaf Kratom store, you can find an exclusively large range of strains. And these are available in the form of both kratom powder and kratom pills.

Check out the strains that we offer below:

  • Asia Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Bentuangie Kratom
  • Borneo Kratom
  • Horned Leaf Kratom
  • Hulu Kapuas Kratom
  • Indonesian Kratom pills
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Malaysian Kratom
  • Raiu Kratom
  • Sundanese Kratom pills
  • Sumatra Kratom
  • Thai Kratom
  • Vietnam Kratom

All these kratom strains have an incredibly high quality because they come from native Southeast Asian countries.

For instance, we obtain Thai Kratom from top-notch Thai farms. This is because we believe in preserving the true value of Kratom. And that can only be found in authentic varieties. After all, the unique geographic conditions of each region in Southeast Asia give the different varieties of kratom their unique properties.

When some stores try to grow these varieties in other parts of the world, the results are simply not good enough. All in all, Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) grows the best in certain precise environmental conditions such as those in Southeast Asia.

The Making of Kratom Pills

Kratom buyers are often curious about the making of kratom pills. Overall, kratom pills are not as complex as they sound.

In the making of our kratom pills, farmers in remote farms of Southeast Asia spend hours picking the highest quality leaves from the trees. After picking the leaves, they return to the kratom facility where they thoroughly wash and clean the leaves.

After the cleaning process, the leaves are set to dry under a controlled environment. The drying process is extremely important because this process majorly determines the quality of the final product.

In this process, kratom experts closely monitor the conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light in the drying room. Based on the strain and the color variety, the experts maintain optimum conditions in the room.

It takes several days for the leaves to dry, after which they lose their flexibility and become brittle. After losing all the moisture, the leaves are very easy to crush and grind. And so, experts then pass the dry leaves into industrial grinder and crushers.

These advanced machines turn the dry leaves into a very fine powder in no time. Now comes the final part.

In advanced kratom facilities, experts employ encapsulation machines to pack this kratom powder into all-natural capsule shells. Though, some facilities that lack modern equipment may encapsulate the kratom powder manually.

Finally, high-quality kratom pills are obtained! These kratom pills then go into a very safe and secure packaging that keeps external factors such as humidity, temperature, and light away. Note that these factors could otherwise reduce the quality and freshness of the kratom pills.

Finally, these kratom pills are exported to the US where they arrive directly at our store, Green Leaf Kratom. Here, we proudly feature them alongside our other categories of kratom for sale.

Why Buy Kratom Pills From Us?

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