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Thai Kratom: All You Need to Know! 


Have you ever wondered where Kratom comes from? Does it grow in the US? Unfortunately, the USA’s climate doesn’t sit well with the Kratom plant. That’s why we buy Kratom from Southeast Asian countries where it grows naturally. One of these countries is Thailand, popular for producing and exporting Thai Kratom.

If you’re interested in buying Thailand’s Kratom, you’ll find tons of options on Green Leaf Kratom. Our selection of Thailand Kratom isn’t limited to Kratom powder. We also specialize in encapsulated Thai Kratom in the three main colors.

What is Thai Kratom? thai kratom for sale online

The name pretty much gives it away that Thai Kratom comes from Thailand. As the Kratom demand soared in the US and other major parts of the world, the local farmers in Southeast Asia increased Kratom cultivation.

Today, they have vast Kratom farms in Asia that add millions of dollars to the local economy.

The climate in Thailand and its neighboring countries is perfect for Kratom growth. The plant needs a humid environment for thriving. Plus, the soil must have a close-to-neutral pH, which is readily available in Asia. Thus, it’s understandable why the region is the hub of Kratom growth.

Since replicating similar conditions in the US is pretty costly, local distributors settle on sourcing Kratom from its native land instead.

Types of Thai Kratom

Like all other Kratom strains, Thai Kratom is also available in different forms, with powder and capsules being the most popular ones.

Thai Kratom Powder

Some enthusiasts call Thailand’s Kratom Powder the ‘King Kratom’ because it has a high alkaloid concentration. Depending on the Kratom color, the concentration may be as high as 66%. Typically, you can find three types of Kratom powder:

  • Green Thai Kratom Powder: It comes from the youngest Kratom leaves and has a lower mitragynine concentration than other colors. Despite that, it’s a cult favorite among newbies since it’s readily available at all local and online vendors.
  • White Thai Kratom Powder: The leaves that make white vein Thai-Kratom are younger than red-vein leaves and older than green-vein ones. Think of them as the Kratom middle child. They have moderate alkaloid content and are equally famous among newbies and veterans.
  • Red Thai Kratom Powder: At this life stage, the veins become dark red due to the high mitragynine content. Red Kratom powder comes from the oldest Kratom leaves. Besides mitragynine, Thai-Kratom also has multiple other alkaloids.

Thai Kratom Capsules

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Quite understandably, Kratom powder is hard to store. It is at risk of spilling or going bad if not stored properly. If you accidentally leave the Kratom packet open while making Kratom tea, the whole powder would go stale in a day or two.

In contrast, if you buy Kratom capsules, you don’t have to worry too much about storage. Encapsulated Kratom can also travel with you easily in your wallet or luggage. Overall, it’s a lesser hassle than powder while providing the same freshness and properties.

You can buy Thai Kratom Capsules in three colors:

When you get Kratom capsules, make sure to check the encapsulation material. No matter how high-quality or fresh the Kratom powder is, if the capsule shell is made of hazardous material, you should avoid buying the product.

Instead, you should buy Kratom capsules from reputed sellers like Green Leaf Kratom. We exclusively make our encapsulated Kratom shells using organic materials to ensure safety and the utmost quality.

Alternatively, if you’re buying capsules locally, only buy branded products. For instance, OPMS Kratom sells Silver and Gold capsules that you can find at most head shops. Every batch is tested for quality, and their capsules have the company’s logo on them – a guarantee of safety and freshness.

Where to Buy Thailand Kratom?

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Since Thailand’s Kratom is pretty standard, you can buy it at local smoke shops and online Kratom stores. For pleasant Kratom experiences when shopping, go into a shop – or on a website – with a proper background check and research.

Here are a few ways to find out more about a Kratom vendor:

  • Read vendor reviews about that seller. You can find reviews for renowned vendors on Kratom blogs and Facebook community groups.
  • Reddit threads should also be your go-to place to find more about a seller.
  • The American Kratom Association has certified a few brands and vendors, depending on their product quality. You can check their website to find a list of reliable sellers.

Final Words

Although it grows in Thailand, Thai Kratom is not just a favorite in the region. Today, enthusiasts all over the US are buying this strain. If you’re one of them, always be diligent about your purchases.

If you’re interested in more information about Kratom, you can always find useful articles on the Kratom blog.

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