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Kratom Plant

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There’s no better place to learn about the Kratom plant than Green Leaf Kratom! We enjoy providing our customers with all the relevant information regarding Kratom so that they can buy the best Kratom possible.

Some people refer to the Kratom plant as ‘Mitragyna speciosa’ or ‘Kratom tree’. This leads to confusion amongst customers as some of them think that Mitragyna speciosa and the Kratom tree are two different things. However, they are the same! To find out more, keep reading this comprehensive guide on the Kratom.

Where Does The Kratom Plant Come From?

Regardless of what name you refer to it as, the Kratom plant originates in Southeast Asian regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. These areas provide suitable growing conditions to the Kratom tree and help the plant grow to its maximum capacity.

As they are grown in different regions, Kratom plants can have varying qualities. For example, the Kratom grown in Indonesia will be different from the Kratom grown in Thailand because of differences in growing conditions. Therefore, the Kratom that grows in different areas also has different names such as Indonesian Kratom, Thai Kratom, etc. This gives customers on the search for Kratom for sale a wide variety to choose from.

What Does The Kratom Plant Look Like? Kratom for sale

Few people know what the Kratom tree looks like. Since we source our Kratom directly from experts in Southeast Asia, we are among the few who know how to identify a Kratom tree! Let us walk you through its appearance.

The first thing you should know is that the Kratom plant is from the same family as the coffee plant, and it is estimated to grow 50 feet tall on average. In some cases, the height of this plant has been recorded to reach 80 to 90 feet! The diverse branch pattern of the plant helps it get just the right amount of exposure to sunlight. The leaves of the Kratom tree are like most other plant leaves: green and glossy, with a pointed tip. The veins of these leaves are known to change color as the Kratom leaf ages. The primary Kratom colors are as follows:

Green Kratom:

The first color the veins of the Kratom leaf develop is green. Countless Kratom admirers claim that Green Kratom is the best color for those who want an introduction to the Kratom world.

If you want to buy Green Kratom strains, make sure to check out all the Kratom capsules and Kratom powders we provide in this fabulous Kratom color!

White Kratom:

After Green Kratom, we have the White Kratom leaves. This is the second Kratom color the leaves develop, and it is considered the middle child of the Kratom color family. Many Kratom enthusiasts prefer this color over other Kratom colors because of its balanced quality.

Have you checked out the White vein Hulu Kapuas Kratom powder and the White Maeng Da capsules? If not, what are you waiting for?

Red Kratom:

The final color the Kratom leaves develop is known as Red Kratom. Considered to be of the best quality, Red Kratom is easily the most demanded color amongst admirers of Kratom.

Farmers have to be patient to wait for the Red Kratom color to form, so many Red Kratom varieties are sometimes sold for a higher price compared to other colors. However, if you buy Kratom from Green Leaf Kratom, you will find that all our Kratom colors are of the same price! No need to make any tough decisions; just choose the Red Kratom product you want and place your order.

Who Is Credited With The Discovery Of Kratom? kratom founder

Kratom is immensely popular today, but who do we have to thank for discovering this amazing botanical herb? In the case of the Western world, the credit goes to one Pieter Korthals, a botanist working for the Dutch East India Company.

While the Kratom tree was grown for centuries in Southeast Asia, the Western world was only able to learn about it after Pieter Korthals discovered it in 1836. Several studies followed this discovery, and today Kratom is provided in different forms all over the world! Imagine, if Pieter Korthals never stumbled upon this fascinating herb, the Western world may have never learned about Kratom!

What Makes The Kratom Tree Special?

Alkaloids, alkaloids, and more alkaloids! The Kratom gets all its mysterious properties due to the 40 different alkaloids in the Kratom leaf. The most famous alkaloids that are responsible for making Kratom special are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These alkaloids vary in concentration according to different Kratom colors. Furthermore, the alkaloid composition is also affected due to the different growing conditions the Kratom plant goes through. As a result, different Kratom colors and different Kratom strains have unique properties, and customers are urged to buy as many as they can!

Can You Grow Your Own Kratom Plant At Home? grow kratom

While Kratom can be grown at home, it would require a lot of technology for the Kratom to be even near the quality of the Southeast Asian Kratom. This is because it is almost impossible to replicate the growing conditions available in the Southeast Asian region.

As a result, Kratom enthusiasts who want the best Kratom choose to buy their Kratom from reliable vendors. The best way to find such reliable vendors is through different Kratom forums like the Reddit Kratom community.

Green Leaf Kratom: The Kratom King

Searching for the Kratom king? Look no further! We at Green Leaf Kratom are going to solve all your Kratom problems. When you choose to buy Kratom from us, you can be sure of the following:

  • Pure and organic Kratom
  • Strict quality checks to ensure top quality
  • Economical prices and discount coupons available
  • Extensive variety of Kratom products
  • Best shipping services

Not only do we provide the best Kratom products, but through our Kratom blog, we keep customers updated on all the latest Kratom news. Make sure to check out different articles such as ‘Kratom leaf for sale’ or ‘Best quality Kratom powder online’.


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