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Kratom Syndicate Review

kratom syndicate

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About Kratom Syndicate

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Kratom Syndicate has been around for quite a while. Those who consider themselves Kratom connoisseurs surely know about them. The company started its operations online in 2016 and was doing business steadily. However, tragedy struck, and they had to temporarily shut down in 2017.

Fortunately, that was not the end of the road for Kratom Syndicate. Like we said, it was only temporarily shut down, and in 2019 they opened their doors again, and this time they returned with a drive to succeed that was even greater than it was the first time!

The company has displayed good practices time and again. They are members of the American Kratom Association and are gaining popularity among customers once again. The company makes sure every customer who purchases products from them leaves happy. They are known for their customer service, which according to returning customers, is one of the biggest reasons they return to purchase their Kratom based products from them.

The biggest reason people trust them is their return and exchange policy, which might be the most lenient one in the market. They have a 30-day return policy and even enact it if the product was opened, but 75% of it remains intact! How amazing is that policy?

Now that you know about Kratom Syndicate’s practices, you might be interested in finding out what they are selling on their online store!

Kratom Syndicate Product Line

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Like most Kratom retailers in the United States, Kratom Syndicate sells a variety of Kratom based products, including Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, Kratom extracts, and more. They claim that all their Kratom powder products are 100% Kratom based with no other additives.

Kratom Syndicate divides their products according to the strain they belong to. Kratom comes in four major colors: Red Veined Kratom, White Veined Kratom, Green Veined Kratom, and Yellow Veined Kratom. It can further also be differentiated upon the basis of where it was grown. However, Kratom Syndicate differentiates its products based on the color of the Kratom.

For their Green Veined Kratom, they have Panther Kratom, Kapuas Kratom, Super Maeng Da Kratom, Super Indo Kratom, Sulawesi Kratom, to name a few of them.

In the White Veined Kratom, they have a selection of Elephant Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, Kapuas Kratom, Sulawesi Kratom, and more.

In the Red Veined Kratom category, they have a lot of options as well, which are Panther Kratom, Bali Kratom, MitraX Kratom, Sulawesi Kratom, Super Indo Kratom, and Queen Kratom. There are more options available that we have not included.

They also have a range of Kratom extracts that are available in liquid form for those who prefer to have it in that consistency. Kratom Syndicate’s Kratom extracts have very interesting names, some of which are Kratom Resin Solid, Resin Powder, 3-Strain Extract Blend, and Red Queen.

Overall, Kratom Syndicate has an incredible line of Kratom based products. They are very well known in the market, and their return and exchange policy is one to watch out for.

Why People Prefer Kratom Syndicate

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You might be wondering why there has been a sudden rise in discussions on the topic of Kratom. While people barely knew about the herb a few years ago, it has become the talk of the town these days. The reason is that people have finally paid attention to the various elements found inside Kratom leaves.

The most popular of these is the presence of alkaloids in Kratom leaves. There are many types of alkaloids which are present in the herb — about 38 of them, to be exact. The most popular of these alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which most people refer to when talking about the herb.

How to Buy Kratom Syndicate

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kratom syndicate review


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