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Kratom Tree: All the Basics You Should Know

kratom tree

Whether you want high-quality Kratom powder or Kratom capsules, Green Leaf Kratom is the best place to go. We offer many different Kratom strains in different Kratom colors. While the price is low, we make sure that you get the best Kratom online.

At Green Leaf Kratom, we offer complete assurance on quality and offer all the help needed to make an informed decision. You can go through our Kratom blog to learn everything about Kratom. And if you’re new to Kratom, there’s nothing better than the Kratom tree to start learning about this widely popular herb.

kratom leaves

In this post, we are going to share the necessary information about the trees of Kratom, including:

  • The essential features of the tree
  • Where it grows, and why?
  • How many types are there? And things like that.

But before anything, here’s a much-needed piece of information to go through – the introduction.

Introduction to Mitragyna Speciosa Tree

Kratom tree has its whereabouts in the dense jungles of Southeast Asia. It is a family member of the coffee tree. This is probably the reason why the natives aspire to the herb so much. Like every creation of nature, the Mitragyna Speciosa tree also hosts special properties, and over the years, there have been a number of discoveries showing how important it is.

Well, let’s not keep you waiting and move straight to the topic.

Where Exactly Does Tree of Kratom Grow? mitragyna speciosa tree

Yes, we know we told you where to find the Kratom tree, but what you should know about is why it grows there. What’s so special about those regions? So, read on.

Kratom thrives in a hot and humid climate, which is primarily the most significant factor. The heat and humidity make it possible for the Kratom tree to host those alkaloids and flavonoids, Kratom is known for.

Like all the other plants that gather energy to grow from the soil, the trees of Kratom need nutrient-rich soil to extract its share and convert it to mitragyna speciosa. Besides soil, moisture adds other nutrients and gives the tree the strength to grow.

All of these factors store in the Kratom leaf, which is crushed, ground, or soaked to give the herb called Kratom.

All these factors are available in Southeast Asian forests, hence the Kratom tree. You can find the trees of Kratom in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Brunie.

Tree Structure of Kratom

Now, you know that the Kratom tree grows in many regions, so its structure and dimensions vary based on the place. Interestingly, there is a wide range in terms of length. A tree grown in one region could reach up to 10 feet, while the one in another region could be more than 100 feet.

On the other hand, the width of the Kratom tree is 15 feet, on average. This variation is also due to the age of the tree. In fact, the oldest tree of Kratom gives the best type of Kratom.

The trunk of the tree is upright, in most cases. It has a smooth bark grey in color. The Kratom tree is actually a plant that grows all around the year without any break. This is the reason it gives Kratom leaves throughout the year.

Now, let’s talk about the main thing – the Kratom leaf. On average, a Kratom leaf is slightly bigger than average leaves. A mature leaf can grow beyond 8 inches with a width of four to five inches.

It has a glossy appearance, and its shape is ovate-accuminate. Kratom leaves exhibit green color with red, white, or green veins. These different-colored veins indicate the leaf’s growth stage.

Like all flowering plants, a Kratom tree also gives yellow-colored flowers. Actually, these are clusters featuring more than 100 florets. They provide Kratom seeds.

As the Kratom seeds get separated from the tree, they start to degrade. The more time goes by, the lower the germination rate. This is why Kratom harvesters take special care at this stage.


kratom leaves

Kratom Tree is so special because of the alkaloids and flavonoids it has on offer. Quite a few health supplements and food products feature these substances as the basic ingredients. You’ve learned why growing trees of Kratom anywhere in the world may be an impossible task unless you have special grow equipment.

But you can still buy Kratom, which is the main element of the Kratom tree. If you want to buy the best Kratom capsules or powders in the market, visit Green Leaf Kratom to find a wide range of products. Our products are cheap, but they all have third-party testing results to prove their authenticity, so you can buy Kratom safely.