Did you know? Kratom is one of the most versatile herbs out there! It all starts from a leaf, which is then dried, and finally crushed into a powder. From this powder, comes a wide range of products including kratom capsules, Kratom Tea Kratom candles and Kratom Soaps

Similarly, extracts are another popular product that is often derived from kratom powder. Hence, Kratom powder offers great flexibility to buyers.

We believe that making kratom tea, Kratom candles and Kratom Soaps is no less than a craft. And if you are into DIY stuff, then it could be a fun project for the weekend.

While it is not difficult at all, very limited information related to such projects is available on the internet. Since people who buy kratom often ask us for soap-making and candle-making tips, we have taken it upon ourselves to guide everybody.

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Soon enough, you will realize that the process of making candles, soaps, and tea is quite simple and straightforward. All that you need is a good choice of kratom strains and some basic utensils.

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