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Mayan Kratom Capsules & Powder

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The mystery of Mayan Kratom has a large portion of the Kratom community intrigued. The name ‘Mayan Kratom’ brings a few initial thoughts to mind. “Is Mayan Kratom in some way related to the Mayan Civilization?” “Is it a Kratom strain or a Kratom vendor?” “Does it even exist?”…

These are some of the most-asked questions regarding Mayan Kratom and today, we are going to solve this mystery once and for all! How will we do this? By providing you authentic information on Mayan Kratom in this detailed article! At Green Leaf Kratom, we believe in keeping our customers up to date with all the news in the Kratom world. We do this by offering relevant and interesting articles in our Kratom blog section. Today, we are going to solve the mystery of Mayan Kratom!

Where Does Kratom Come From?

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Let’s start by talking about Kratom itself. What is it and where does it come from? Kratom is the name given to an herb that is obtained in the Southeast Asian regions of the world. This herb has chemical compounds known as ‘alkaloids’ in its leaves and these alkaloids form the alkaloid profile of Kratom.

The scientific name given to this herb is ‘Mitragyna speciosa’. This particular tree is known to belong to the coffee tree family and was discovered by the western world in 1836.

The Mystery of Mayan Kratom

Now then, let’s solve the Mayan Kratom mystery! What is it and why is there so much confusion regarding this topic? First of all, Mayan Kratom is a Kratom vendor. It’s as simple as that! But then why the confusion?

Well, this confusion stems from the name chosen by this vendor. When anyone hears ‘Mayan’, they are instantly reminded of the Mayan civilization that existed centuries ago. The Mayans became popular because of their unintentional 2012 doomsday prediction. Since the Mesoamerican long count calendar ended on 21 December 2012, many in the world believed that it was possible that this was a prediction for the end of the world. However, if it was, then it was a false prediction… Either way, Mayan Kratom has nothing to do with the Mayan civilization despite their popularity.

Next, many believe that this may be the name of a Kratom strain. That’s because some people think that ‘Mayan’ sounds like the name of a Southeast Asian region. However, that too is false. There is no ‘Mayan region’ in Southeast Asia and hence there is no Kratom strain that goes by that name. Now then, let’s talk about who Mayan Kratom is and whether they offer authentic Kratom or not.

Mayan Kratom: Who Are They?

Now that the Mayan Kratom mystery is solved, let’s talk about who they are. They are a Kratom vendor that opened its doors to the public in 2014. Their headquarters is located in Florida and they claim to be the third-largest Kratom provider in the US (self-proclaimed).

The name of their CEO is Wesley Todd and Mr. Todd launched this brand to provide Kratom for sale at the lowest prices possible.

What Kratom Varieties Do They Offer For Sale?

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So, what Kratom varieties can you find at Mayan Kratom? They offer 5 options that are available in Kratom powder and capsule form. These are as follows:

Maeng Da Kratom:

Maeng Da Kratom is slightly rare as it can only be sourced from the most mature leaves of any Kratom tree! The popularity of Maeng Da Kratom is such that many think that it’s the only Kratom strain available.

Premium Bali Kratom:

One of the most sold Kratom strains at Mayan Kratom is premium Bali Kratom. It is obtained from the most mature Bali Kratom leaves that originate in the Bali region of Indonesia. Available at low costs, this is one of the most popular Kratom strains available.

Maeng Da Supreme Kratom:

Maeng Da is good… but Maeng Da Supreme is even better! Made from the highest-quality Kratom leaves of the most mature Kratom trees, few Kratom strains can compete with the alkaloid profile of Maeng Da Supreme Kratom.

Red Vein Kratom:

The Red vein Kratom variety offered at Mayan Kratom features Kratom obtained from the most mature Mitragyna speciosa leaves of any Kratom tree. These leaves feature the highest alkaloid concentrations and are amongst the most demanded Kratom varieties available.

Green Malay Kratom

Obtained from the Green vein leaves of the Malay Kratom trees is Green Malay Kratom. This variety of Kratom offered by this vendor hosts a unique alkaloid profile that is not found in any other Kratom strain. Plus, it’s the only Green Kratom variety available so it’s bound to be popular!

Final Decision

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Finding top-quality Kratom isn’t easy but if that’s what you’re looking for, you should certainly give Mayan Kratom a try! They might require a slight touch-up on their customer service page and they need to update their shipping information but other than that, this Kratom vendor is good to go!

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Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of Kratom products at some of the best prices in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Kratom from us now and see for yourself!