Kratom is a natural plant that comes in three primary colors. These include Green Kratom, Red Kratom, and White Kratom. These colors are not just mere physical differences. Rather, each color corresponds with a different alkaloid composition.

In case you did not know, there are two main alkaloids present in Mitragyna Speciosa. Among these, Mitragynine is present in a higher composition while 7-HMG is relatively lesser. And apart from these two major alkaloids, researchers have reported the presence of 40 additional alkaloids.

So, how does Green Kratom differ from the other two color varieties?

The Green Kratom Leaf

Simply put, kratom colors correspond to the color of the veins/stem of the kratom leaf. This color continues to change throughout the lifecycle of the leaf. Though, it begins with a Green color, which later transforms into White, and finally, into Red.

These colors indicate the maturity level of the plant. So, we can say that Green vein kratom strains tend to be the youngest. With that, it also means that their properties are not yet developed. Consequently, they have a lower concentration of alkaloids.

And this in turn means that the Green kratom capsules and powder carry some very subtle properties.

However, note that it is certainly not a bad thing that Green Kratom has a lower alkaloid composition. You see, different compositions of alkaloids give rise to different properties.

And a big number of kratom enthusiasts prefer subtle properties over the richer ones. Though, this is a matter of personal preference.

Difference Between Green Kratom and Other Colors?

We have already mentioned that Green Kratom leaves are the youngest ones. But what about the others? Well, in comparison to the Green Kratom leaf, White Kratom leaves are slightly more mature.

Though, White Kratom lies just between Green Kratom and Red Kratom in terms of maturity level. Hence, we can say that the properties of White Kratom are just partially developed.

Similarly, Red Kratom has the highest level of maturity and hence, it is richer in properties. For instance, if you compare the Red Horn Kratom with Green Horn Kratom, both will have a stark difference in their alkaloid content.

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