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Red Dragon Kratom Insight

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While you may have heard about the famous Maeng Da Kratom and Indo Kratom, chances are that you would not know about the Red Dragon Kratom. It is a relatively rare strain, that comes from the deep rainforests of Thailand.

Most long-time kratom enthusiasts recognize the Red Dragon Kratom is a top strain with a unique alkaloid profile. This is ALSO one of the few strains in the world of Kratom that does not have a documented history. Hence, its exact origins are unknown.

But today, this strain grows primarily in Thailand. Along with that, it is also predominant in other nearby countries such as Malaysia. Though, the Red Dragon Kratom is still related to the Red Thai Kratom very closely.

The Harvesting of Red Dragon Kratom Red dragon for sale

The Red Dragon Kratom is unlike other strains. This high-quality kratom variety requires special treatment, starting from the harvesting phase, until the very end when it is packaged.

Starting right from the beginning, farmers in the thick forests of Thailand walk for hours and hours, picking the highest quality leaves. They put these leaves into buckets and keep collecting until the volume is sufficient.

Mostly, these leaves come from naturally growing forests. Since the soil in this region is very rich, there is no need of using fertilizers or other artificial means. Rather, natural growth is what most Kratom herb facilities in Thailand aim for.

Washing and Drying

The next step in the making of high-end Red Dragon Kratom powder is washing, followed by drying. The main purpose of washing is to remove any particles of dust. These dust particles are either naturally present in the leaves or may end up there during the harvest process.

At the same time, microbes are often present on the leaves in a forest environment. Washing also removes these microbes. Good facilities of Kratom, such as those where our store ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ sources kratom from, tend to thoroughly wash these leaves. These facilities take this step very seriously.

After all, hygiene is of extreme importance. And hence, one should never compromise on that.

After washing, comes the drying phase. This is yet another important step, as it determines the quality of the end-product, which in this case, is Red Dragon Kratom powder. And this applies to all kratom strains.

The drying process is generally the same. The leaves are set out in racks and are then left to dry at room temperature for around two weeks. However, the process may slightly vary depending on the vein color of the leaves.

Furthermore, certain extra steps such as fermentation give us other unique kratom varieties, like Bentuangie Kratom. Hence, drying is an extremely crucial step in the making of Kratom powder.

Crushing and Grinding buy red dragon thai

After drying, crushing, and grinding is the final step. First, the kratom experts add the dried leaves of Red Dragon Kratom into industrial-grade crushers. These crushes reduce the size of the leaves, hence increasing their surface area.

Finally, these leaves then go into grinders. While crushers just turn the leaves into tiny bits, grinders turn the tiny bits into powder. This powder is what we refer to as, kratom powder.

Typically, buyers prefer to get kratom powder. However, sometimes, crushed kratom leaves are also sold as standalone products. According to some kratom enthusiasts, crushed leaves are more suited to make kratom tea rather than powder, as they can easily be strained out.


The final step is the packaging of the kratom powder. Again, there are certain technicalities involved here. For instance, Kratom powder requires proper packaging that does not let in moisture, sunlight, or other external factors.

Since these external factors can affect the quality of the kratom powder, they must be kept at bay.

Often at times, experts also add the same kratom powder in natural capsule shells. This gives us, the popular Red Dragon kratom capsules.


red dragon kratom capsules

By this point, we hope that you have understood the manufacturing of the Red Dragon Kratom powder and capsules. The next step would be to find a decent store that sells high-end kratom products.

If you are interested in alternative varieties of Kratom, we suggest you visit our store, ‘Green Leaf Kratom’. Here, you will find top-notch kratom varieties that come straight from the forests of Thailand.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring alternative kratom varieties and place your orders today. To learn more about different kratom products, consider reading the other articles in our kratom blog. Here, you will find everything that you need to learn.