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Vietnam Kratom: All You Need to Know! 

vietnam kratom

Are you new to Kratom looking to make your first purchase? Are you a Kratom enthusiast who wants to switch to a new Kratom strain? No wonder what the case is, you need to learn about different types of Kratom before your next move. One of these types is Vietnam Kratom.

In this article, we will talk about everything you want to learn about Vietnam Kratom. What is it? What are the different options available in the market? And most importantly, where to find one if you want to buy one.

Understanding Different Kratom Strainswhere to buy vietnam kratom

There are more than two dozen Kratom strains that are different from each other in terms of characteristics and features. Even though Kratom grows only in Southeast Asia, there is a difference in the Kratom in one place to another. This gives birth to the Kratom strains.

As this difference is due to the area, country, or island these Kratom strains grow in, the names in most cases are based on the location. Some examples are Borneo Kratom, Bali Kratom, Sumatra Kratom, Malay Kratom, Super Indo Kratom, and Vietnam Kratom.

In some other cases, the Kratom strain is named after the leaves’ shape, like in the case of Elephant Kratom, as the shape of the leaf resembles the Elephant’s ears. Some other Kratom strains are also named after drying techniques and their quality, like Maeng Da Kratom.

Whatever the name is, each Kratom comes with unique chemical composition and a different mix of alkaloids and flavonoids. This makes them different from each other. In some Kratom strains, the key alkaloid concentration can be 16%-20%, while in some others, it can reach 60% and even more.

Similarly, in some Kratoms, the number of alkaloids is less than the others, with a different alkaloid to the flavonoid ratio. All these things make each Kratom strain unique.

What is Vietnam Kratom?

As the name reflects, Vietnam Kratom grows in Vietnam. Kratom doesn’t grow all across Vietnam, but areas around the Mekong River and Southern parts. This area is known for its high-quality mineral-rich soil.

Due to the nutrient-rich soil and perfect tropical conditions in Vietnam’s wild, you can expect a high alkaloid ratio in Vietnam Kratom.

Vietnam Kratom Vein Color Variation vietnam kratom colors

Like most other Kratom strains, you can find Vietnam Kratom in all three natural vein variations available, including red, green, and white vein Kratom.

However, if you are buying from Kratom Source USA, you can also buy Yellow Vietnam Kratom. This is a unique vein color made through a unique set of drying and harvesting techniques. Only seasoned and experienced farmers can create Yellow vein color, which is close to white vein color in features, but still different.

Other Kratom strains include:

Green Vietnam Kratom

One of the most popular vein colors, Green Vietnam Kratom, is perfect for those who are just starting with Kratom due to a lower proportion of active alkaloids. The green vein strain is sourced from young leaves, which usually have green veins.

White Vietnam Kratom

This variation is sourced from the leaves with white veins. White vein Vietnam Kratom has a higher alkaloid concentration than a Green vein but lower than a Red vein.

Red Vietnam Kratom

This version is for those who already have experience with Kratom. The Red Vietnam Kratom is sourced from the oldest Kratom leaves, filled with nutrients and alkaloids, which is why their veins are red.

Where to Buy Vietnam Kratom? buy vietnam kratom online

If you’re buying Vietnam Kratom in the US, you have two popular options:

  • Your local stores (vape shops, head shops, liquor stores, gas stations)
  • Online stores

So what is the best option? Well, the chances of finding Vietnam Kratom are much higher if you’re buying from online vendors. Vietnam Kratom is not very common compared to some other popular options, so it is really difficult to find on your local stores that mostly sell branded Kratom.

For example, you can find OPMS Kratom on most gas stations and head shops, and OPSM Kratom only sells only a limited number of Kratom strains.

On the other hand, most online vendors like Kratom Source USA are also direct importers and sell only Kratom, allowing them to offer a wider selection of Kratom strains. On Kratom Source USA, you can buy Kratom in different forms, vein colors, and strains (12 Kratom strains to be precise).

You can also buy Vietnam Kratom mostly in Kratom capsule, Kratom powder, and Kratom extract form.

Final Words

This is it. Vietnam Kratom is not as popular as some other Kratom strains, like Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, or Malay Kratom, but there is still a loyal customer base. You may find it a little difficult to buy Vietnam Kratom from your local store, but this Kratom is easily available on online stores.

If you want to read about other Kratom strains and articles related to Kratom, you can jump to our Kratom blog.

vietnam kratom online

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