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Yellow Vietnam Kratom

yellow vietnam strain

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In this particular post, we are going to talk about a popular strain called Yellow Vietnam Kratom. You must have heard about Vietnam Kratom before. If not, don’t worry, as we shall be taking you from the basic level and guide you all the way to the last word. So, let’s discuss Yellow Vietnam Kratom.

What is Yellow Vietnam Kratom?

yellow vietnam strain

To understand the entire term, you have to understand each word separately. And that’s what we are going to do in the following lines.

Vietnam Kratom

Vietnam hardly needs an introduction. It is a popular country located in Southeast Asia. Vietnam has got dense rainforests, which is ideal for Kratom growth. This is the reason why Mitragyna Speciosa trees avidly grow in this region.

Therefore, this country shares the top spot with Indonesia in terms of Kratom growth. Also, Vietnam is one of the top exporters of Kratom. You can import high-quality Kratom products from there, including Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, liquid extracts, and even Kratom leaves.

This region sees a wide range of Kratom subspecies each featuring different amounts of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids. However, collectively, these varieties come under an umbrella, called Vietnam Kratom.

More or less, the Kratom varieties grown in Vietnam carry identical properties with fluctuation of alkaloids and other nutrients. This means yellow Vietnam Kratom belongs to the family of Vietnam Kratom, with a difference in alkaloid concentration.

How is Yellow Vietnam Kratom Different?

Did you know that yellow Vietnam Kratom is a rare species? Allow us to explain.

Vietnam Kratom has different categories. These include Green Vien Kratom, White Vein Kratom, Red Vein Kratom, and the Yellow Vietnam Kratom.

As the Kratom leaf appears on the bark, it has green veins. The Kratom alkaloids in a Green-veined Kratom leaf are lesser in concentration, but they are in their purest form. As the leaf grows older, it changed its vein color and turns white.

This is a sign that the alkaloids are growing, but the impurities are also increasing on the leaf. When the Kratom leaf reaches maturity, its vein turns red, which is a sign that the alkaloids have reached their maximum concentration level.

buy yellow vietnam kratom

Besides the above three natural colors, Kratom leaf can give Golden or Yellow Kratom as well. This is when the leaf is plucked at any stage and is left in the open space, under the sun. The heat from the sun removed impurities through evaporation as the leaf and its vein turn yellow.

This also means that the yellow Vietnam Kratom offers the best alkaloids concentration and lesser impurities compared to red kratom.

Since the process of converting from natural colors to yellow Kratom is quite time-consuming, the harvesters and Kratom growers tend to produce yellow Vietnam Kratom in small amounts. But this is not the only reason why yellow Vietnam Kratom is so rare. Here are a number of other reasons.

Reasons Why Yellow Vietnam Kratom is Rare


The first, and the most important reason for producing small amounts of Yellow Vietnam Kratom is deforestation. Because of this, many exclusive farms in Vietnam are constantly struggling for this strain’s preservation.

Climate Changes

Kratom requires a specific temperature and climate, and any fluctuation may impact its growth. The farms in Vietname grow Vietnam kratom trees in a very controlled environment. Although this results in a higher rate of growth success, only a specific percentage of Kratom plants end grow completely.

Why Yellow Vietnam Kratom is High on Demand?

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One unique thing about the yellow Vietnam Kratom strain is that it requires incredibly rich soil. This is why it has richer properties compared to many other strains. Moreover, the favorable conditions supplement the growth of premium quality Kratom. Further processes ensure the best yellow Vietnam Kratom.

Because of the high amounts of nutrients and alkaloids, yellow Vietnam Kratom has been quite popular in the United States. And a limited number of online vendors this special strain at affordable prices.

Final Words

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a popular but rare strain. At Green Leaf Kratom, you can find Vietnam Kratom in green, white, and red vein colors. You can buy these strains in bulk and avail of maximum discounts.