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How Long Does Kratom Last Once Purchased

‘How long does kratom last once purchased? – This is a question that many enthusiasts who buy kratom ask. After all, Kratom has an age limit after which it loses all its quality. Hence, it is important to consider the age of a kratom product when you buy kratom bulk.

In case you buy kratom capsules or powder from a store that has low sales, chances are that you will find outdated products. This is because such stores stock up on products and these products sit on the shelves for many months. This results in a loss of quality and freshness and defeats the entire purpose of buying this botanical herb in the first place.

In this article by ‘Green Leaf Kratom’, we aim to answer your question, ‘How long does the kratom last after purchase?’ And along with that, we will also tell you the best ways of storing kratom so that your products remain fresh for a long!

How Long Kratom Last Once Purchased? how long kratom last in me

Typically, the age of kratom products is somewhere between 3 to 6 months. This depends on the quality of the product also. In normal cases, the higher the quality of kratom is, the longer it stays fresh.

However, apart from the quality of products, there are many other factors that also play a role here. Among these, the most important one is the packaging. You see, kratom can quickly lose its quality if it comes in contact with moisture or light. Similarly, a high-temperature environment can also ruin its freshness.

Hence, it is important for kratom products to have very secure packaging. This packaging should protect the powder or capsules from outside elements.

If you go to a premium store that has kratom for sale, you are more likely to find products with nice packaging. Take the example of ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ in this case. Here, each and every product comes in secure packaging. This allows the kratom products to remain fresh for a long period of time.

So, how long does kratom last once purchased from ‘Green Leaf Kratom’? Well, it could last for 6+ months. That is the maximum time period for the highest quality kratom products.

Though, note that this time period may slightly vary among different kratom strains. This is because every strain has a different level of alkaloids, to begin with. Normally, strains with higher alkaloid content will last longer in comparison to those with lesser alkaloid content.

How to Store Kratom? how long kratom last in body

The Kratom plant is 100% natural. Hence, we at ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ like to keep it that way. As a result of this, our kratom products do not contain any preservatives. However, there are some efficient ways of storing kratom that will make it last much longer.

So, how long kratom last once purchased? It can last quite long if you store it correctly. So, let’s take a look at some tips for that below:

Keep it Away from Light

Light is one of the major factors that will reduce your kratom’s quality. So, always store your kratom product away from light. This applies to all strains such as the Green Malay Kratom, Indo Kratom, and every other variety that you can name.

Store in Air-Tight Container

Another thing from which you must protect your kratom products is moisture. High moisture levels in the air can slowly reduce the quality of your kratom products if they absorb them. So to avoid that, always store your kratom products in an airtight container.

Keep it Away From Temperature

Lastly, high temperature is also said to ruin the freshness of Kratom. Hence, it is advised to always keep kratom in a cool and dry place. For instance, placing your kratom products inside the kitchen cupboard along with other herbs is a good idea.

Conclusion – How Long Kratom Last Once Purchased

You see, Kratom is just like any other herb. In order to keep it fresh, it is important to store it properly under the right conditions. Also, you make sure that the products that you are buying are fully fresh and have a high quality to start with.

To buy premium quality kratom products at an affordable price, you can always reach out to store like ‘Green Leaf Kratom’.

We hope that we have cleared your original question, ‘how long does kratom last once purchase?’ However, if you want to learn more about this botanical herb, check out the other posts on our kratom blog. These posts are written for curious buyers and kratom enthusiasts.

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