So, you are planning to buy kratom, but you are not sure whether kratom is legal. In this case, you might be thinking, is there an active kratom ban in the country? Well, as a quick answer to your question, kratom is legal in the US on the federal level.

Of course, this will come off as great news to you. However, you still need to check up a little on the laws in your jurisdiction. You see, even though there is no national-level kratom ban, some jurisdictions still do not allow the sale and purchase of any kratom strains.

However, these laws are not constant, and they keep changing from time to time. That is why it is extremely important for every kratom enthusiast to keep himself/herself updated with the kratom for sale rules and regulations.

Of course, knowing the law can not only protect you from legal ramifications but it can also give you the confidence that you need as a buyer. So, where is kratom illegal? Well, there are only 5 states where there is a full restriction on kratom. These states include Arkansas, Vermont, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Alabama.

But other than the above-mentioned states, there is no kratom ban at large. Now to keep yourself updated with the laws in your jurisdiction, you need to rely on an authentic information source.

We at ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ solve this issue for you by regularly posting legal kratom news in our kratom blog. So, the next time when you got to buy kratom capsules, just take a quick look at the legal updates in our blog (to be on the safer side).

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