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Kratom Extract

Kratom extract

Touted as being among the leading varieties of Kratom is the popular form better known as Kratom extract. These extracts are famous for possessing high amounts of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, higher than all of its Kratom counterparts!

Sold generally in liquid or semi-liquid form, Kratom extract has gained immense popularity in the last 10 years. Only a handful of Kratom admirers understand them as there is barely any authentic information available on Kratom extracts online. To help customers know exactly what they’re buying when they choose Kratom extracts, we at Green Leaf Kratom have written this article. After reading this, you will not only know where to buy Kratom for your extracts but also be an expert on Kratom extract yourself!

Where Do Kratom Extracts Come From?

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While most Kratom enthusiasts have understood the correct Kratom pronunciation, they are still unaware of where these magnificent varieties of Kratom come from. Luckily, the answer to that can be pinned down to one specific region.

That region is known as Southeast Asia, and countries in this region, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc., have the perfect growing conditions for the marvelous Kratom tree. On these Kratom trees grow the special Kratom leaves, which contain the alkaloids that make Kratom so desirable to customers all around the world. These leaves are known to change color as they mature, and the primary Kratom colors that are available are:

Each Kratom color possesses different alkaloid concentration levels, making each color unique. Once the Kratom leaf is harvested, it is crushed to obtain Kratom powder that can be made into further varieties, such as Kratom extracts, Kratom capsules, etc.

Kratom Extracts vs. Kratom Powder/Capsules kratom extract for sale

Kratom extracts are liquid-based extracts that aim to take the prime components out of Kratom by dissolving them in a solution. While full-spectrum extracts will contain all alkaloids, companies also make isolates that contain one specific alkaloid e.g., mitragynine.

When you look at Kratom powder or Kratom capsules, they are quite similar, as they both are made up of Kratom powder. The only difference is that in the case of Kratom capsules, the powder is encapsulated, so customers have an easy time carrying it around with other things.

If you’re wondering which one of these Kratom alternatives is the best for you, you will have to give each of them a buy and see for yourself. The truth is, all Kratom varieties are unique, and different customers buy different varieties based on personal preferences.

Little Known Facts about Kratom Extracts

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We noticed that customers were having a hard time understanding Kratom extracts as they came with such different names and from many different brands. So, we decided it was time to dish out some facts to help customers understand these fabulous extracts!

First of all, let’s answer the most asked question about Kratom extract, which revolves around the grading of these extracts. Extracts are often graded with a number followed by an ‘X’. The grading represents the concentration factor by volume, meaning that a ’20X’ extract started as 20 grams of powdered Kratom leaf that was then made into one gram of concentrate. In the case of a 3X extract, it started as 3 grams of powdered Kratom leaf that has now been made into one gram of concentrate.

Another thing that fans of extracts should know is that not all vendors provide authentic Kratom for sale. This means that customers could end up buying low-quality Kratom extracts from vendors and who would want such a second-rate product? To avoid this, always choose only the most reliable vendors in the industry. To find out about a vendor’s reputation, you can visit different Kratom forums and read customer reviews.

Last but not least, Kratom extracts are included in several recipes by Kratom lovers to make high-quality products such as Kratom tea, etc.

The Process of Making Kratom Extracts

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make your Kratom extracts at home? Well, you can! All you need are a few things to get you started on your task. While these extracts can be made in several ways, here is the easiest way of making them.

All you need is Kratom powder, lime, and alcohol. First, put the Kratom powder into a glass jar and sprinkle lime juice in it. Next, add alcohol into the jar until the mixture has the consistency of a paste. Finally, add the sealer jar to a container and slowly boil it. After boiling it, strain the materials with a cloth and voila! Your Kratom extract is ready.

Where to Buy Kratom For Kratom Extracts

Now that you know how to make your Kratom extracts at home, it would only make sense to know where to buy top quality Kratom from to make it! While there are several options available for customers, not all of these options provide authentic Kratom products.

However, at Green Leaf Kratom, we have made it our mission to keep our customers happy, so we only supply top quality Kratom. When you buy Kratom from us, you can be sure of the following:

  • 100% pure and organic Kratom
  • Wider variety of Kratom strains available
  • Economical prices and coupons offered
  • Strict quality checks on all our products
  • Fastest shipping services

Make sure to visit our Kratom blog to read interesting articles such as ‘Kratom leaf for sale’.

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