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Kratom King Review

kratom king

The list of vendors in the Kratom industry is ever-expanding. One vendor that has captured more attention than countless others is the brand that goes by the name of Kratom King. A large segment of the Kratom community prefers to buy Kratom from them but are they the best option?

We at Green Leaf Kratom aim to provide our customers with detailed information on all topics related to Kratom. For this purpose, we provide brand reviews on some of the most famous Kratom brands in the industry! Today’s brand review focuses on one of the oldest brands in the Kratom industry: Kratom King.

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The Beginning of Kratom King kratom king brand review

There was a time when Kratom King only provided Kratom for sale in a local dispensary; however, today, they are one of the leading Kratom brands online! Most people don’t know that Kratom King has been around in the Kratom business since 2005!

As a result, they can easily be considered among the top experts on Kratom! Starting as a local store in Reno, Nevada, Kratom King slowly transitioned into one of the top options for customers who prefer to buy Kratom online. The result? An ever-expanding customer base!

Kratom King’s Diverse Product Range

One of the reasons Kratom King became such a big deal is because of the diversity of Kratom products they supply on their website! Kratom enthusiasts who visit their website will find Kratom available in forms such as Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, and even Kratom extracts!

These different types of Kratom forms are further available in a variety of Kratom strains, such as: king kratom for sale

Other than these Kratom products, they also provide CBD oils and CBD gummies.

Do Kratom King’s Products Deserve Such High Praise?

We mentioned earlier that Kratom King is one of the oldest vendors in the Kratom industry. One of the advantages of being such an old vendor is that by now, they are certainly experts in the Kratom field! This expertise can be seen in the high-quality of the Kratom products they offer on their website.

Those who visit the Kratom King website will find that they take their customer’s satisfaction very seriously. To provide customers with top quality Kratom, they make sure to source all of their Kratom directly from Southeast Asia and use various methods to keep their Kratom fresh. Furthermore, they only provide Kratom that has high levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the two key alkaloids in Kratom. If you want further confirmation of Kratom King’s quality, read the customer reviews on their products, which are available on different Kratom forums such as the Reddit Kratom community.

The Prices at Kratom King king kratom extract

The prices offered at Kratom King are very economical when compared to other Kratom brands! Customers can buy Kratom in small amounts, such as a 10g sample, as well as large amounts, such as 5kg of their preferred Kratom powder.

All the 10g samples cost $2.20, whereas 5kg of Kratom powder will cost $680. In the case of Kratom capsules, buyers can find them available for as low as $25.20. Customers who are Kratom extract enthusiasts can find a 1g sample of Kratom extract for $8.25.

Customer Service Department & Shipping

Customers of Kratom King have reported that the customer service department is extremely friendly and helpful! They can be contacted through different ways such as email, phone, or live chat. Those who have issues with their order can contact the customer service department, and they will solve the issue for them.

Where shipping is concerned, Kratom King does not offer free shipping, no matter how big your order is. They provide multiple options such as FedEx and USPS, as well as COD shipments. All orders are received within 2-3 working days.

Covid-19 Updates

One thing that sets Kratom King apart from all other vendors is that the information on their website is up to date! Keeping in mind the Covid-19 crisis that the world is facing, Kratom King has provided some updates to their policies:

Safety Procedures:

First of all, Kratom King has assured all customers that their workers use respirators rated P95 or higher when packing products. Furthermore, they follow GMP practices regarding cleaning and other personal protective equipment (hair-nets, gloves, etc.) They also make sure to frequently clean all surfaces.

Possible Shipping Delays:

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Kratom King has told all customers that choosing USPS or FedEx shipping could mean some small delays in their products. These shipping agencies are facing some issues at the time being, and it is recommended to order via the COD shipping method.

Final Word on Kratom King kratom king vendor review

Not only are they the oldest vendors, but they are also the most up-to-date vendor in the Kratom market! Not choosing to buy Kratom from Kratom King at least once would be a foolish mistake. Even if you prefer to buy Kratom elsewhere, make sure to give their Kratom a buy!

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kratom king review

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