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What is Red Bali Kratom


Before we explore what Red Bali Kratom is, you need to know about the different Kratom strains and colors which have earned Kratom its many different names. Not all Kratom leaves grow in the same way. The tree is the same everywhere, but the leaves which grow on it can differ quite a bit! red bali kratom for sale

The Kratom strain depends on two things: where it was grown and what color the veins of the leaf had when the leaf was harvested. Where it was grown is important since different regions have different soil compositions, which impacts the alkaloid concentrations of the Kratom leaves harvested.

The color of the veins also affects the alkaloid level of the Kratom leaves. Kratom leaves can have veins of differing colors.

There is Red Vein Kratom, Green Vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom, and Yellow Vein Kratom. These also play a determining factor in the alkaloid level of the leaf and the final product.

So, now that you know about different Kratom strains and colors, we can move on and talk about the coveted Red Bali Kratom!

What is Red Bali Kratom?

red bali strain

As the name implies, Red Bali Kratom hails from Bali region in Indonesia. The strain is thus quite popular for a few reasons. While it falls under the umbrella of most Indonesian Kratom strains, it has a few properties that are unique, and that is because it is grown and harvested in Bali.

This gives the strain a unique edge that other Kratom strains do not have and also makes it one of the most popular Kratom strains in the market the world over.

Usually, all Red Vein Kratom has a higher maturity and thus has a high density of alkaloids present within it. The most prominent alkaloids present in Red Bali Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Of course, apart from these, there are about 30 other alkaloid sub-types present in the Red Bali Kratom leaves; however, they are present in much smaller quantities.

So, what is special about Red Bali Kratom specifically that other Red Vein Kratom strains do not have? Well, it only grows in a very specific geographic location under certain atmospheric conditions. It literally would not be able to grow anywhere other than Bali!

Red Bali Kratom vs Green Bali Kratom red vein bali kratom

A lot of people debate about the differences between Red Bali Kratom and Green Bali Kratom. Everyone is entitled to their preferences, of course. The first difference is in the name itself, which is based on the color of the vein of the Kratom at the time it was harvested.

The color of the final Kratom product also showcases this stark difference immediately. You will be able to see shades of red or green in the Kratom, depending on which one you’re looking at.

The difference in color, as we mentioned earlier, comes with how mature the leaf is. Red Kratom leaves are basically Kratom leaves that have reached the end of their maturity and hence have the highest level of alkaloids present in them. On the other hand, Green Kratom leaves are not fully mature and have lower levels of alkaloids.

Of course, this fact makes Red Bali Kratom much more coveted between the two because of its higher maturity and alkaloid concentration. However, Green Bali Kratom and other Green Kratom strains are nearly as popular because some people just prefer a lower concentration of alkaloids in their Kratom!

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Where You Can Buy Red Kratom? red bali capsules

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