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Rocky Mountain Kratom – Latest News

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As far as this post is concerned, we shall talk about Rocky Mountain Kratom, a well-known vendor. So, without further ado, let’s go through our Rocky Mountain Kratom review.

Rocky Mountain Kratom Review

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Rocky Mountain Kratom was all the rage a few years back. The Kratom vendor was located in Denver, and they were one of the leading Kratom vendors for more than three years – until they vanished from the scene.

Launched by Jeremy Haley, Rocky Mountain Kratom fell prey to the DEA Kratom ban. Soon after its closure, the owner launched another Kratom store called Artisans’ Apothecary, but it also went out of business.

The Background

Rocky Mountain Kratom was a popular Kratom retail shop that also had its online venture. The business was located in Denver, Colorado. Haley himself was a Kratom enthusiast who launched RMK after proper research about mitragyna speciosa, its subspecies, and also the Kratom regulation laws.

He obtained the street peddler’s license before opening the Rocky Mountain Kratom shop – he used to sell Kratom on the streets of Denver. His efforts transformed into RMK, which soon began to generate more customers from far and wide. But he couldn’t continue.

The Kratom Ban

While Rocky Mountain Kratom was gaining popularity throughout Denver, and other areas, DEA along with Denver’s Dept. of Environmental Health had other plans. They decided to put pressure on Rocky Mountain Kratom.

Everyone knew RMK never broke any laws, neither did the owner. But that didn’t stop the local authorities from seizing all the merchandise of Rocky Mountain Kratom. The business was shut for an indefinite period.

After the Rocky Mountain Kratom, Haley’s next venture took off big time. It had different Kratom strains and products, including the RMK’s trademark powder. However, this business closed after running successfully for two years.

Experts’ Opinion About Rocky Mountain Kratom

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When operating, Rocky Mountain Kratom has a solid reputation. Customers from different casts and creeds appreciated their Kratom powder. In fact, the Reddit community wrote highly of Rocky Mountain Kratom, praising them for offering quality products, but also criticizing them for high prices.

In fact, RMK became the pioneer for setting high prices for premium Kratom products. Since its closure, Kratom buyers are accustomed to paying a premium for local Kratom products.

Rocky Mountain Kratom Products and Prices

Rocky Mountain Kratom had different Kratom strains, but Yellow Thai and Red Borneo got the better of their customers. At that time, an ounce was sold for $10, and it soon increased because of its increasing popularity.

Rocky Mountain Kratom used to deal only in Kratom powder, and people don’t have any complaints. The only thing upsetting them was high prices. For example, a Kratom kilo was sold between $290 and $350.

How Good was Rocky Mountain Kratom?

RMK had a solid reputation. They averaged 4.7 stars on Google Reviews, and that speaks for their high standards. Many customers recommended Rocky Mountain Kratom because of the following attributes:

  • Unmatched quality
  • Fresh Kratom
  • Foolproof and airtight packaging
  • Knowledgeable and helping staff

The store was considered better than many leading online stores, but their prices may be the only downside.

Best Customer Service

Among other positives, RMK’s customer service was arguably the most important aspect. Many customers tend to compromise over high prices just because of the friendly environment and helpful staff of Rocky Mountain Kratom. Here’s what the customers had to say:

  • The owner of RMK and his staff are awesome
  • Awesome bunch of dedicated employees

Supporting the Kratom-cause

Apart from selling top-notch Kratom, Rocky Mountain Kratom also donated funds to the American Kratom Association, the organization that strives to create awareness about Kratom and helping states regularize this herb with all the safety steps. Also, Haley and his staff participated in country-wide protests to prevent the Kratom ban.

Final Words

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In summary, Rocky Mountain Kratom enjoyed a great reputation because of its over-the-top quality, Kratom research, knowledgeable and caring staff, and of course, consistency. The Denver-based Kratom vendor may have vanished from the scene, but people will remember it for a long, long time.

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