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Types of Kratom A Detailed Guide


In the past, Kratom enthusiasts had to settle limited types of Kratom because there were no other variations available. Today, customers don’t have to be content with only limited variety as other types such as capsules, extracts, liquids are readily available.

In the US alone, thousands of vendors exist both locally and online. These vendors provide various kinds of Kratom products. This leaves customers to answer the question, ‘Which type of Kratom is the best?’ You will find different answers to this on Kratom forums such as the Reddit Kratom community. But the only way a customer can genuinely decide is by learning about or buying all the different Kratom varieties.

This article aims to provide all the relevant information they need on what type of Kratom they can find for sale. Before we discuss the different Kratom types, let’s talk about how these different varieties of Kratom came to exist in the first place.

Unveiling the Mystery Behind Various KratomTypes kratom for sale

You might have heard about different Kratom strains such as Thai Kratom or Borneo Kratom, but do you know how these different types of Kratom came into existence? Well, all Kratom trees originate in the Southeast Asian region, but these regions can have differences in growing conditions.

As a result, the Kratom being grown in Thailand will have different properties compared to the one from Borneo. This is primarily due to the alkaloid levels of the leaves of the Kratom tree grown in a specific region. These mysterious alkaloids are known to give Kratom several fascinating properties. The two primary alkaloids in Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Furthermore, there can be differences in the processing conditions of each type of Kratom. This can also affect the alkaloid levels of the Kratom. Because of all this, we have different Kratom strains that exist. And all of them are special in their own way.

Different Kratom Colors Various kratom colors

Did you know that you can also find Kratom available in different colors? These colors can be identified only by looking at the veins of the Kratom leaf, and just like Kratom strains, Kratom colors have varying alkaloid profiles!

When deciding which type of Kratom they want, customers can pick between Green Kratom, White Kratom, Red Kratom, Yellow Kratom, and finally, Gold Kratom. Yellow Kratom and Gold Kratom are two special Kratom colors that are formed during the processing phase and not during the growth phase of the Kratom leaf.

Forms of Kratom

Customers decide which kind of Kratom strain and Kratom color they want to purchase. Then they can move to the next step: deciding the form they want their Kratom in! Luckily, Kratom admirers will find that there are several options available today and the most popular ones are:

Kratom Powders:

Initially, this was the only type of Kratom product that was available in the market. This is because Kratom powders are very easy to obtain. All you have to do is crush the Kratom leaf to obtain the powder. The finer the powder is, the better.

what are types of kratom

If you are a fan of Kratom powders, make sure to buy the Green Maeng Da powder available at Green Leaf Kratom.

Kratom Capsules:

As Kratom rose in popularity, providers realized that there was a need for more Kratom products, and Kratom capsules swooped in to save the day! These capsules are very easy to make as customers can just buy Kratom powders and empty shells and make the capsules at home!

If you are interested in buying top quality Kratom capsules online, make sure to check out the Red vein Bali Kratom capsules we provide at Green Leaf Kratom.

Kratom Extracts: kratom extract

One of the most recent types of Kratom products to grace the Kratom industry is the magnificent Kratom extract. These extracts are found in liquid or semi-liquid form. Extracts are particularly famous for their superb alkaloid profiles.

These extracts can be full-spectrum extracts, containing all the alkaloids of the Kratom leaf, or isolates. They contain only one particular alkaloid from the Kratom leaf, such as 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Which Forms of Kratom Are The Best?

Perhaps the most asked question on Google regarding Kratom is, ‘What types of Kratom are the best for me?’ While some Kratom products may be more popular than others, the answer to this question will vary from person to person.

You see, just like individuals, all Kratom products are unique. Just as individuals have unique preferences, Kratom products have unique properties. Hence, it is impossible to say that all individuals will favor a certain Kratom product over others. Some may prefer the Red vein Maeng Da capsules, while others may appreciate the White vein Thai powder.

Green Leaf Kratom: Best Place to Buy Kratom

After knowing all the different Kratom types, you should know of a reliable vendor to get these products from? While Kratom is extremely popular, still customers can have trouble finding reliable and authentic places to buy it.

To provide a one-stop solution, we at Green Leaf Kratom offer a wide variety of high-quality Kratom products. Not only is our Kratom fresh and organic, but we also offer very competitive prices and even provide discount coupons to our customers.

If you are interested in learning more about Kratom, just head on over to our Kratom blog and check out different articles such as ‘The right Kratom pronunciation’ or ‘Kratom leaf for sale’. At Green Leaf Kratom, we have something for everyone.

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