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What Is Kratom?

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Behold the mystery of Kratom, the fascinating herb that has caught the eye of millions across the world. Chances are you’ve heard of Kratom but are still searching for the exact answer to ‘What is Kratom?’

If that is the case, this article on Kratom is a must-read for you! Not only are we going to tell you about the origin of Kratom and the different varieties it’s available in, but we are also going to reveal the secret behind Kratom’s popularity! Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Kratom.

What Is Kratom Herb?

Today, there are approximately five million people who buy Kratom regularly just in the US. If you add up the numbers around the world, you will learn that there are uncountable Kratom admirers, and all of them are searching for the answer to ‘What is Kratom?’

The botanical name given to Kratom is ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’, a plant that originates in Southeast Asia, especially in regions like Indonesia and Thailand. Kratom has been around for a while and has often been compared to coffee, especially as Kratom also belongs to the coffee tree family.

This majestic herb was discovered by the west in 1836, and since then, its popularity has sky-rocketed. The Kratom tree is known to grow about 80 feet tall, and the branches of this tree thrive underneath branches of bigger trees. This is because the Kratom tree needs limited exposure to sunlight, unlike most trees. The Kratom leaves are known to be oval-acuminate in shape, and many believe that they are what hold Kratom’s “secret sauce”.

Kratom’s “Secret Sauce”

There are thousands of Kratom vendors who provide Kratom for sale, but what makes their Kratom so special? The answer to that lies in two factors: The alkaloid profiles of the Kratom leaves and the growing/processing conditions that they receive.

People searching for ‘Kratom’ will be thrilled to know that the Kratom leaves possess about 40 or more alkaloids! These alkaloids are famous for giving Kratom its fascinating properties, and the best part is that the alkaloid profiles in different Kratom strains vary!

The leaves of each Kratom strain goes through different growing conditions because the weather and soil of each region are different. As a result, the alkaloid profile of Kratom leaves in different regions varies, and this gives Kratom enthusiasts a lot of choices. Furthermore, the leaf drying process can also be different, and this also affects the alkaloid profile of the Kratom leaf.

Different Kratom Colors

Very few Kratom admirers know that the colors attributed to Kratom are only present in the veins of the Kratom leaf. While there are three primary Kratom colors, there are two more colors that the Kratom leaf can develop during the processing phase. Here is a list of all the Kratom colors: What are kratom colors

Variety of Kratom Available For Sale

The most widely appreciated aspect of Kratom is its variety. With the legal issues that surround Kratom (Read our article ‘Is Kratom Legal?’), people usually end up overlooking all the best aspects of this majestic Kratom herb.

One of these things is the fact that Kratom is available for customers in several different forms! After the Kratom leaves have been crushed into powder form, they are ready for the customers as Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, Kratom extracts, and even Kratom tinctures. With advancements in technology, more and more forms of Kratom are beginning to pop up, and two of the newest kratom products to grace the market are Kratom soaps and incense.

After customers have selected what Kratom color and Kratom form they want, they can proceed to choose which Kratom strain they think will suit them best. The most demanded Kratom strains at Green Leaf Kratom are as follows:

Where Can You Find Kratom For Sale?

Finding Kratom for sale isn’t as complicated as many would think! There are several options to choose from both locally and online. Let’s discuss these options:

Buy Kratom Locally:

what is Mitragyna Speciosa

It’s very likely that you were at your local smoke shop and saw them providing Kratom. You wondered to yourself ‘What is kratom?’ and that is what brought you here in the first place.

Well, just like your local smoke/vape shops, several other outlets provide Kratom for sale. However, these shops will only provide Kratom as long as it is legal in your area. Other than smoke/vape shops, these local shops include professional Kratom stores, gas stations, bars, and pubs, etc. Keep in mind that the Kratom you get in these local stores will usually be pricey, and the quality is also just average.

Buy Kratom Online:

Anyone searching for ‘What is Kratom?’ should be aware that the best place to buy your Kratom is online! Since there are numerous vendors providing Kratom for sale online, there is intense competition between brands to win customers, and as a result, customers benefit A LOT.

When you buy your Kratom from reliable online vendors, here are some of the benefits you stand to receive: what are kratom capsules

  • Your Kratom will be 100% pure and organic (no additives)
  • Strict quality checks at every step of production
  • Very economical prices because of intense competition
  • Extensive Kratom variety available
  • Some of the fastest shipping services
  • Customer reviews that offer insights on Kratom providers

#1 Option for Kratom Buyers – Green Leaf Kratom

You may have heard that several Kratom buyers refer to Green Leaf Kratom as the Kratom King. This is because at Green Leaf Kratom we offer all the above benefits and also provide coupons to our customers so that they can buy high-quality Kratom for cheap! All our customers will tell you that you can’t go wrong when you pick Green Leaf Kratom.

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