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Wicked Kratom Review

wicked kratom

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Wicked Kratom has been around for a while and has amassed a loyal following over the time it has been in business. While it is now known as Wicked Tea Company after they rebranded their company, we will refer to them as Wicked Kratom in this article as that is the name most people are familiar with.

So what is Wicked Kratom, and who are the people behind it? Let’s talk about that a little more.

What is Wicked Kratom?


Overall, the company has had decent success in the United States in terms of selling Kratom. The company has very unique names for their products, such as Confetti, Flying Money, and Red Chocolate, to name a few!

The company promises customer satisfaction with each order. They deliver their products within 48 hours of the order being confirmed and are pretty prompt about their deliveries. The customer service on the website is also quite expansive since you can both call or email them for any queries or complaints in case you have any. The company sells various strains of Kratom and has been doing so for several years. Let’s talk about what these are!

What Does Wicked Kratom Sell?

wicked kratom brand review

Wicked Kratom has an incredible range of Kratom for sale. They categorize their Kratom range according to the different strains they come in. They are also sorted according to the vein color, and the main categories are the Yellow vein strain, the Red vein strain, the Green vein strain, and the White vein strain. They sell these in various forms: powdered, capsule, and liquid form.

Within these categories, they have a wide variety of Kratom that they sell. For the Yellow vein variety, Yellow Kapuas Kratom, Yellow Gold Kratom, and Chocolate Borneo Kratom are just some of the products on offer.

For the Red vein strain, they have an even wider array of products available. Some of them are differentiated by the country they were grown in, such as the Red Vietnam Kratom, the Red Bali Kratom, and the Red Indo Kratom, among others. They are also named according to the specific region they are from, such as the Red Riau Kratom and the Red Sumatra Kratom.

The Green vein strain category also has many amazing products on offer, including Green Malay, Green Cambodian, Green Vietnam, and Green Indo. These are all grown in different countries, as denoted by their names. There are more varieties available according to what region or country the Kratom was grown in, such as Green Sumatra Kratom and Green Riau Kratom, among others.

Wicked Kratom also has a large variety of White Kratom available. These include Kratom from various countries and regions. Some of the products on offer in this category are White Borneo Kratom, White Dragon Kratom, White Maeng Da Kratom, and White Damper Kratom, among others.

Wicked Kratom also offers mixed strains of Kratom, which is very interesting! They do combinations such as Mixed Malay and Silver Kratom. They even have a Mixed Maeng Da Kratom available.

Why Wicked Kratom is Popular

wicked kratom for sale online

Wicked Kratom has gained its popularity because of its immediate delivery fulfillment and excellent customer service. The company also emphasizes on the fact that they sell pure Kratom products which are untouched by any additives. They make sure their Kratom products reach the customer with as many alkaloids as they had when they were first harvested.

That brings us to why Kratom has gained so much popularity over the last few years: because of the number of alkaloids naturally present in the product. The Kratom leaf boasts over 35 subtypes of alkaloids in it, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This is the biggest reason people prefer to purchase Kratom: the naturally occurring alkaloids.

Where to Buy?

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