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Gaia Kratom Review

gaia kratom

Your search for top quality Kratom brands can’t be considered complete if you haven’t read this Gaia Kratom review! Gaia is one of the leading Kratom vendor in the Kratom industry, and thousands of Kratom enthusiasts prefer to buy Kratom from them. But are there products really as good? We’ll come to that in a while.

Let’s clear this first. There is a lot of confusion that stems around the name of Gaia Kratom. While you can find Gaia Kratom reviews online, finding their website is considered troublesome by many! No worries, though, as reading this Gaia Kratom review will provide answers to all your concerns regarding this fantastic Kratom vendor!

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The Mystery Behind Gaia Kratom’s Name buy gaia kratom for sale online

Let’s start by solving one big mystery that surrounds Gaia Kratom. Why can’t you find their website when you search for ‘Gaia Kratom’ on Google? Simple because they don’t operate by that name anymore! Gaia has changed names three times. And currently, they go by the name of Mitragaia.

Back in 2016, they first changed their name to Gaia Ethnobotanicals, and soon after, they decided to go by the name of Mitragaia. However, since they operated under the name of Gaia Kratom for a long time, the name seems to have stuck around!

Where Is Gaia Kratom Based?

The headquarters of Gaia Kratom are located in the city of Las Vegas in the United States. Currently, they operate in several cities all over the US. Gaia first started providing Kratom for sale back in 2015, and since then, they have won over a sizeable portion of the Kratom community.

Product Range Available At Gaia Kratom

The best thing about Gaia Kratom? Their extensive product range! Those who choose to buy Kratom from Gaia will be thrilled to find that they provide Kratom in a wide variety of Kratom colors and Kratom strains!

The types of Kratom that they provide are Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, and Kratom extracts. Customers can find these varieties available in five different colors: gaia kratom for sale

Some of the top-selling Kratom strains on their website are:

Quality of Gaia Kratom Products

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Sure, Gaia Kratom provides an extensive range of products but are these products worth buying? Well, a visit to their website will show you that Gaia Kratom is a GMP compliant facility and also a member of the American Kratom Association!

This implies that their Kratom goes through extensive testing procedures to make sure it is fresh and of high-quality. Because of all this, many have claimed Gaia Kratom’s products to be one of the best in the market! A simple visit to Kratom forums like the Reddit Kratom community can confirm this.

Gaia Kratom Prices

So, they provide an extensive range of top-quality Kratom products. That must surely mean that the prices at Gaia Kratom are going to be high, right?

buy gaia kratom


Incredibly, the prices that Gaia Kratom offers for its products are incredibly low when compared to the Kratom market!

Customers can buy any of their Kratom powders for $1 per ounce, and those of you want to buy bulk Kratom powders can pay $120 for 1 kilo. The Kratom capsules that they provide are only provided in bulk, and 2000 capsules can be purchased for $199. Their Kratom extracts are available for $1.50 for a 1-gram sample.

Customer Service & Shipping

Not only does Gaia Kratom offer incredible Kratom products, but they also provide some of the best customer services! Their customer service department is reported to be extremely efficient and courteous in their dealings.

If you want to make returns, Gaia accepts returns of products within 30 days as long as the product is unopened. When it comes to shipping, Gaia Kratom ships all its Kratom products through USPS shipping. The tracking information for packages is available, and packages usually reach customers within 2-3 days. Though they might take a bit longer to reach for some locations.

Final Conclusion on Gaia Kratom

After reading this Gaia Kratom review, there can only be one real conclusion. Gaia Kratom is certainly one of the leading brands in the Kratom industry! Buying your Kratom from them would be an intelligent choice if you don’t want to risk getting stuck with low-quality Kratom.

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gaia kratom vendor review

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