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Is Kratom Illegal?

is kratom illegal

Throughout the US, an increasing number of people regularly buy kratom from stores such as ‘Green Leaf Kratom’. If you watch the news a lot, you would have already heard about this botanical herb. However, one question that you might ask is, ‘is kratom illegal?’ is kratom legal in us

Well, considering all the misinformation on some Reddit kratom pages and on low-authority blogs, this is a valid question.

Based on an earlier study by the AKA (American Kratom Association), approximately five million people buy kratom on a regular basis. Ever since this botanical herb entered the US, its popularity is rising exponentially. Hence, it did not take long enough for Kratom to grab the attention of big corporations and the DEA.

Well, it is obvious that due to the massive kratom trade in the US and the world over, several key businesses related to this industry feel insecure as to their own interests are at stake. These corporations, having financial and political influence, openly support the Kratom ban and support all kinds of restrictions on this herb.

However, on the brighter side, the kratom community has grown strong enough to debunk all false claims. For instance, the DEA tried to place kratom in the list of Schedule-I substances. However, unlike the substances in this list, Kratom is not synthetic. Instead, it is an all-natural herb that comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree.

Hence, products such as kratom capsules and powder come straight from the kratom leaf. At our store, ‘Green Leaf Kratom’, these products are free from any preservatives or other additives. At the same time, the trees from which we obtain the kratom grow naturally in Southeast Asian forests.

When it comes to Green Leaf Kratom products, harmful fertilizers or pesticides are not used in the cultivation of our kratom. These trees grow naturally in nutrient-rich soils and in tropical weather with high humidity levels.

Is Kratom legal or Not? is it illegal to sell kratom

Now, let’s get back to your question. Simply put, no! Kratom is not illegal on the federal level. However, before buying kratom or offering kratom for sale as a vendor, do check the legal status of kratom in your jurisdiction.

This is because despite being legal on the federal level, some states in the US do not allow the sale or purchase of kratom. So, before traveling to another state with kratom, do not forget to check the laws there.

If you are living in or traveling to Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Arkansas, and Alabama, then you cannot sell or purchase kratom. This applies to all kratom strains. However, there are very few restrictions outside these states.

For instance, Kratom is legal in California except in the San Diego region. Outside that, you can legally buy/purchase kratom throughout California. In fact, Kratom is one of the most popular herbs in California. Hence, you can easily find it in gas station shops in all major cities. With that, there are a number of dedicated kratom stores in California.

The Future of Kratom is kratom legal

Well, you already have an answer to the question, ‘is kratom illegal?’ But now, you may want to know more about what the future holds for kratom.

Well, nobody can ever be fully sure about what the future holds. Based on the current situation, we can expect the number of kratom buyers to increase more in the coming year. Due to an increase in buyers, perhaps more kratom stores will also pop up.

Hence, the kratom trade is surely going to increase. However, the DEA has not shown any signs of giving up just yet. But we hope that the strong kratom community will overcome all challenges and thrive legally just as it has in the past.


So, is kratom illegal? No, it’s not. Is it legal everywhere? Well, it is banned in certain states and may have slight restrictions in other states. So, before looking into the types of kratom to buy, do not forget to check its legality in your jurisdiction.

For authentic kratom news related to the legal status, visit the American Kratom Association website from time to time. Alternatively, to learn more about it, you can take a look at the articles at the kratom blog by ‘Green Leaf Kratom’.

In case you are wondering, ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ is one of the few stores in the US that sells premium quality kratom products at a fair price. One of the main aims of this store is to make high-end kratom accessible to all buyers.

So, you are in a jurisdiction where kratom is legal and you want to buy kratom, head to the ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ online store and place your orders today!

is kratom legal to buy

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