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Kratom Ban Update

Mitragyna Speciosa, one of the most popular herbs of the 21st Century is now available at thousands of kratom stores in the US. So, if you are planning to buy kratom, you would certainly want to get a kratom ban update. And we highly suggest you stay updated with the latest kratom news regarding its legality.

Today, due to its high popularity in the general, kratom has become a growing interest for the government too! Apart from the DEA, many big botanical corporations are also trying to stop the herb from gaining any more fame.

If you head to Reddit Kratom pages, you will notice that it is full of many anonymous accounts. Of course, there are many legitimate accounts too that are run by both new and long-time kratom enthusiasts. However, some anonymous accounts often try to spread wrong information. Typically, these accounts are handled by corporations who believe that their interests are in danger due to the growing sales of kratom.

What is The Current Kratom Ban Update? what is the latest update on kratom ban

So, in 2016, the DEA expressed its plans to place kratom on the list of schedule-I substances. However, their plan failed. Just after two months in October 2016, the DEA withdrew its intention in a new update on kratom ban.

The withdrawal of intent was exciting news for many kratom buyers and store owners. This meant that stores could once again offer kratom for sale and devoted buyers could buy kratom bulk without any limits on quantity.

However, this, later on, lead to some restrictions in certain states. As a current kratom ban update, kratom is still restricted in Indiana, Vermont, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Alabama.

With that, there are certain smaller limitations in other states. For instance, mostly, buyers need to be at least 18 or 21 years old. These requirements differ from state to state. So, we suggest you properly check each and every requirement in the area where you live.

When Will the Next Update on Kratom Ban Come? is kratom banned

As of yet, all kratom strains are legal on a national level. Hence, stores can legally import kratom in the US and sell it. Furthermore, buyers do not need any prescriptions. Also, there is no limit to the quantity that one can buy. If you live in a state where kratom is legal and if you cross the minimum legal age, you can buy all types of kratom products.

Stores such as ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ are specifically popular for selling the highest quality kratom capsules and powder. So, consider checking it out.

As for the next update on the kratom ban, nothing can be said currently. In October 2016, the DEA indefinitely withdrew its intent to place a national kratom ban. Since they faced huge opposition from the general public, the DEA has not yet tried something like that again.

Hence, buyers can take a sigh of relief as kratom is probably not getting banned on the national level. Though, due to the on-going conspiracies going on against this botanical herb, some limitations may be applied. However, nobody can say that as of yet with full certainty.

Many NGOs such as the highly popular American Kratom Association are working hard day and night to spread awareness about kratom. We at ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ ourselves bring regular updates to buyers through our highly informative kratom blog.

Due to the misinformation on the internet, it is extremely important for you as a buyer to stay informed. You can either read our informative articles for that or look for other highly reliable sources on the internet. The American Kratom Association blog is also a good source for authentic kratom information.

The Best Place to Buy Kratom From

So, based on this kratom ban update, if you live in a state where kratom is legal, you may want to purchase some. Instead of searching around on the internet, how about we give you a nice option that you can rely on for years to come?

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latest update on kratom ban

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