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White Horn Kratom

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The highly demanded White Horn Kratom is one of the rarest Kratom strains you can find in the Kratom world. Despite being available with only a few Kratom vendors, this Kratom strain’s popularity is more than the top names in the industry, such as Maeng Da Kratom.

However, being a rare Kratom strain, there’s little to no information available on White Vein Horn Kratom. Hence, many new Kratom customers get confused when they see this variety offered in the Kratom-for-sale section of vendors. No need to worry though as we at Green Leaf Kratom are here to solve all your Kratom problems! In this detailed article, we will provide you with all the information you require on White Horn Kratom.

Where Does White Horn Kratom Come From? white vein horn kratom

Wondering where this Kratom strain comes from? Like all Kratom strains, White Horn is sourced from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa trees. These trees are found in Southeast Asian regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and so on.

This particular White Horn strain is obtained from the Kratom trees that grow in the West Kalimantan region of Indonesia. This region provides unique growing conditions to the Kratom trees and this leads to the Kratom leaves developing a unique alkaloid profile. This Kratom strain has become highly demanded because of this unique alkaloid profile.

The Secret Behind the Name of ‘Horn Kratom’

All Kratom enthusiasts know that most Kratom strains are named after the region they originated from. Is it the same case with the Horn Kratom strain? Is there a region named ‘Horn’ in Indonesia? In simple words, no. No region in Indonesia is named ‘Horn’.

So, how did Horn Kratom get its name then? The name of Horn Kratom is attributed to the shape of its Kratom leaves. The leaves of this Kratom tree are unique in shape as they are spiky and edged. This helps farmers identify these Kratom leaves easily. However, the Kalimantan region isn’t an easy area to obtain Kratom from. Hence, only a handful of vendors today are providing Horned Leaf Kratom such as White Horn.

So, What Is ‘White’ Horn Kratom?

horn kratom

Ok so, Horn Kratom is named after the shape of its leaves. But what does the ‘White’ in the name of this Kratom strain indicate? The thing Is, the Kratom leaf changes color as it grows mature. Each Kratom color provides a unique personality to the Kratom strain.

The color white is one of the primary Kratom colors. This color is identified by looking at the veins of the Kratom leaf in the growing stage. When the Horn Kratom leaves display a milky, white color, what we have is White Horn Kratom. This particular Kratom color is preferred by many because of its balanced alkaloid profile.

The Alkaloids Involved In White Horn Strain

We mentioned earlier that the alkaloid profile of this Kratom strain is the reason it’s so high in demand. So, what alkaloids play major roles in White Vein Horn Kratom? The two that exist in the highest concentrations are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These two alkaloids are the key ingredients in any Kratom strain. This particular Kratom strain has high levels of Mitragynine with slightly lower levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Is White Horn Strain Available In Different Varieties?

Despite it being a rare Kratom strain, White Horn is available in several varieties. Customers who want to buy this Kratom strain will find it in different types of Kratom forms such as Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, and even Kratom extracts!

Kratom powders are the traditional Kratom form whereas the capsules and extracts can be considered the modern Kratom forms.

The Other Colors Available In Horn Kratom white vein horn kratom powder

Wondering if you can find Horn Kratom available in colors other than White? Well, certainly! Horn Kratom is available in all the primary Kratom colors. The other colors you can find it available in are as follows:

Why You Should Buy Kratom from Green Leaf Kratom

Hardly can you discover a rare Kratom strain like White Horn Kratom. When you buy Kratom from Green Leaf Kratom, you can be sure of the following:

  • 100% pure and authentic Kratom strains
  • Several quality checks to ensure top quality products
  • The most economical prices in the market
  • A wide variety of Kratom products
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Make sure to visit our Kratom blog if you want to read interesting articles on Kratom such as ‘Free Kratom samples’ and ‘Kratom for sale online’.

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