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Kratom Bible

what is kratom bible

Nowadays, a big number of people are exploring Kratom, a botanical herb. In specific, the alkaloids present in Kratom namely the Mitragynine and 7-HMG are of prime interest. But overall, the world of Kratom is so vast that one would have to write a lengthy kratom bible to cover every aspect.

But since this is not going to be a long read, let us stick to the most important aspects of Kratom in this article. Though, you can certainly consider this article a kratom bible because we will discuss everything about this herb today.

So, before you order kratom, sit right and read this post till the very end.

Kratom Bible  – Chapter 1 – What is Kratom? kratom powder

Chances are that many people reading this article have not heard about Kratom before. So, they might be confused about what all the hype is about.

In case you can relate to that, pay high attention to this section.

In the simplest terms, Kratom is a plant. However, this plant comes with many unique properties and traits. While scientists call it Mitragyna Speciosa, it has many different names in the native countries where kratom strains originate.

Though in layman’s terms, this botanical herb is referred to as Kratom throughout the world.

Chapter 2 – A Brief History of Kratom

kratom capsules

Kratom was discovered in 1831 by Pieter Korthals, a Dutch botanist who worked with the East India Company. Korthals was in Malaysia when he observed that a particular leaf was very popular among the locals.

He noticed that locals would often chop the leaves up to make tea or crush them with hand using stone machines. After gaining some fascination with the plant, he began to study its properties and introduced it to the modern world.

After that, the plant got the name Mitragyna Speciosa. However, formal scientific studies and research on Kratom began much later.

In the early 1900s, scientists found out that this plant is very rich in two alkaloids called Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Right after that, further experiments led to the discovery of at least 40 other alkaloids within the kratom leaves.

However, researchers noticed that Mitragynina and 7-HMG are present in the highest composition. And most of the properties of kratom that they had found were due to these two alkaloids.

From there onward, Kratom slowly gained popularity in many regions of the world. And ultimately, it entered the US retail market.

Within 2010 and now, thousands of kratom vendors sprung up in the US. Although the kratom industry has had its ups and downs, it continues to thrive. For this, a lot of credit goes to the active supporters of Kratom such as the American Kratom Association.

Today, high-end stores like the Green Leaf Kratom continue to offer top-notch kratom for sale.

Chapter 3 – In Which Countries Can You Get Kratom?

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So, in which countries can you get kratom locally or online? This is one question that rings in the minds of many new buyers. But worry not, because this kratom bible will give you the answer.

Kratom is legal in the US on the federal level. But when we talk about global trade, there are varying rules and regulations about Kratom.

For instance, the Netherlands is one of the few European countries that allow the sale/purchase of kratom. Since it is legal there, residents of the Netherlands can buy kratom from multiple stores in the region. However, from a trade perspective, the country only allows kratom shipments that come from a European Union member State which allows the exports of this herb.

At the same time, its sale is controlled in Norway, Germany, and Denmark.

Luckily, US residents can buy kratom capsules and other products quite easily, for as long as they do not belong to a state that restricts it. You see, even though Kratom is federally legal in the US, some states do not allow it. And so, you will not find any kratom stores in such states, and neither would any online store deliver Kratom to you there.

Chapter 4 – Types of Kratom Products

Since the kratom universe is quite huge, you can find an endless variety of products to choose from. Firstly, you have got 3 basic kratom colors that include Red vein kratom, white vein kratom, and Green vein kratom.

Then, you have a wide range of strains, each of which comes in all three basic color types. Since the strains and colors both have certain unique properties associated with them, you can only imagine how many choices there are.

We hope that this kratom bible answered all your questions and enriched your knowledge of Kratom.

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