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Kratom Ban Lifted

kratom ban lifted

If you are a new kratom enthusiast, then you may not know much about the DEA’s attempt to ban kratom in 2016. However, long-time buyers would remember that the intention for a kratom ban lifted within two months of the initial announcement. kratom ban updated

What happened back then? And what are the prospects for this botanical herb? In this article, we will answer these questions in good detail.

However, for those who are new to the world of kratom strains, let us briefly give an introduction to this herb first.

What is Kratom?

is kratom ban lifted or not

Kratom is one of the most popular botanical herbs of the 21st Century. This herb made its way into the modern world somewhere around the early 1900s. However, it took a while for it to enter the US retail market.

Today, kratom capsules and powders along with many other products are avidly available in the US in the states where it is not restricted. And on the federal level, Kratom is still legal.

This botanical herb grows in the form of trees and smaller plants, that are very common in Southeast Asia. However, some closely related species of Mitragyna Speciosa are also found in Africa and other surrounding regions.

However, African Mitragyna Speciosa plants do not have decent enough quality. Hence, they are no match to the kratom for sale that comes from Southeast Asia.

The same rule applies to the kratom plants that brands and manufacturers replicate in other parts of the world. So, before you order kratom, do check where the products are coming from.

Reliable brands such as ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ source all their products from their native countries in Southeast Asia. For instance, in this store, our Red Bali Kratom comes directly from the farms in Bali.

Similarly, our Vietnam Kratom hails from Vietnamese farms. Essentially, a kratom product is authentic only if it originates from its native country.

Kratom Ban Lifted?

kratom ban lifted or not

Now that you know about the basics of kratom, let us discuss the DEA’s intentions and why the kratom ban lifted.

So, back in August of 2016, the DEA decided to place Kratom under the list of schedule-1 substances. This list typically contains synthetic substances, whereas Kratom is a naturally growing plant. And hence, this decision was widely protested against all over the US.

Based on the reports, many key officials were also against the decision of DEA. However, some major corporations who felt like their interests were at stake due to the widespread popularity of Kratom, were in favor of the DEA.

A restriction would mean that nobody in the US would be able to buy/sell kratom. This also meant that the scientists and researchers who were studying Mitragyna Speciosa would have to follow intense bureaucratic procedures to obtain Kratom for their studies. And of course, it would slow down the research development.

Along with that, thousands of kratom vendors were also operating in the US. And a ban would simply take away their source of livelihood.

Due to the massive backlash, the DEA had to withdraw their intent, and hence, the possibility of a kratom ban lifted.

However, note that the DEA would not hesitate to place a ban if it were not for the struggles of kratom advocates.

Today, many supporters of Kratom are actively working to normalize this herb. For instance, the American Kratom Association is a very notable example.

Similarly, we at Green Leaf Kratom also contribute to it by spreading knowledge and awareness among people via our kratom blog. This is because we believe that it is important to debunk all the stereotypes related to Kratom and the misconceptions that many people have.

Where to Buy Kratom?

kratom ban lifted usa

Lastly, you may ask ‘where can I buy kratom near me?’ And we have the perfect answer for that.

You see, currently, no store provides you a higher value than the Green Leaf Kratom, both in terms of quality and the price.

The best thing about our store is that we have a huge variety of options for you to choose from. Also, all our products are genuine and fresh. Unlike many other stores, we do not stock up on outdated products!

If you are thinking to buy kratom, just visit our online store and take a look at our high-end products. Once you have finalized a purchase and placed an order, we will deliver the products to you in no time!

Lastly, let’s all rejoice in the fact that the kratom ban lifted eventually, or else, none of us would be able to get kratom today!

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